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  • Preparing to Run
    Running is a great sport to get into for your overall physical fitness, but it can be tough on the feet and ankles if you don’t first take measures to prevent injuries. Read more
  • Possible Symptoms of Cracked Heels
    Wearing flip flops frequently may lead to the skin on the heels becoming dry, causing the condition known as cracked heels. Read more
  • Stretching and Heel Spurs
    Patients who have developed heel spurs are often aware of the pain and discomfort they can cause. They can cause difficulty in pursuing daily exercise routines, and specific stretches may need to be incorporated that can possibly bring mild relief. Read more
  • How Extra Body Weight Affects Foot and Ankle Health
    There are many reasons for trying to lose weight. You may want to lower your cholesterol, bring down your blood pressure, increase your energy, or just feel more comfortable in your clothes. Read more
  • How Common Are Hammertoes?
    Hammertoes are toe deformities in which the toes bend downwards at the middle joint. This creates a hammer-like shape and can affect any toes except the big toes. Read more
  • What is an Acute Running Injury?
    Research has indicated that a staggering sixty percent of people who enjoy running have endured a running injury in the past year. Read more
  • Signs of a Broken Foot
    There are 26 bones in the foot and recognizing the symptoms of a broken bone is important for ensuring the overall health of your feet. Read more
  • When Your Foot Pain Isn't Plantar Fasciitis
    Most runners are familiar with plantar fasciitis, a common overuse injury to the ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot. Read more
  • Signs of Cuboid Syndrome
    The cuboid is a cube-shaped bone located in the middle of your foot. This bone can become injured or dislocated following an injury to the foot. Read more
  • Are Cracked Heels Dangerous?
    Cracked heels are also be known as heel fissures. They are usually caused by excessively dry skin. Read more
  • Treatment and Prognosis of Sever's Disease
    Sever’s disease, also known as calcaneal apophysitis, is a childhood foot injury in which the growth plate of the heel bone becomes inflamed due to repetitive overuse. Read more
  • Why Do Ingrown Toenails Develop?
    When a toenail grows into the skin surrounding it, an ingrown toenail forms. Ingrown toenails affect people of all ages. Read more
  • Three Facets of Foot Hygiene
    Maintaining the hygiene of your feet is very important and can prevent painful foot and nail problems, from athlete’s foot to ingrown toenails to foot wounds. Read more
  • Things You Should Do to Prevent Running Injuries
    Whether you run for fun or are training for a marathon, you should always take measures to avoid common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Read more
  • Flip-Flops and Foot Problems
    After a long winter, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you can finally wear your favorite flip-flops every day. Or, maybe not. Read more
  • Three Essential Features of a Good Walking Shoe
    If you are planning on walking regularly for more than a half hour at a time, be sure to pick out a pair of walking shoes that have these three essential structural features for optimal cushioning and support. Read more

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